Improve the accuracy of diagnosis of ear, nose and throat diseases with Pirogov.AI

Pirogov.AI defines expert diagnosis analyzing ENT (ear, nose, throat) endoscopic photos and video. Using AI algorithms, the system enables higher accuracy than doctors*.
  • ENT doctor nearby
    Organize reception of patients with ENT cases in your clinic by therapists and pediatricians
  • Quality control
    Massive verification of diagnoses established by ENT doctors based on endoscopic images of the ear, throat, and nose
  • Doctor's assistant
    Increase the accuracy of the doctor's ENT diagnosis based on endoscopic images of the ear, throat, and nose up to 95%


Increasing the accuracy of exert diagnosis up to 95% and above

The average rate of correct diagnosis* of ear diseases using photo and video endoscopic examinations is:
  • 50% by pediatricians
  • 73% by otolaryngologists*
    Accuracy of diagnostics by doctor (50%)
    Applying AI (up to 95%)
    Application of Pirogov.AI using methods of artificial intelligence allows to increase the accuracy of expert diagnosis up to 95%
    * Research "Assessing Diagnostic Accuracy and Tympanocentesis Skills in the Management of Otitis Media" Michael E. Pichichero, MD; Michael D. Poole, MD, PhD


    How it works?

    Data receiving
    Pirogov.AI receives endoscopic photo or video of ear, nose, throat
    Preparing video or photo
    Splits the video into separate images
    Recognition of anatomic structures
    Recognizes the anatomical structure of the ear, throat, nose in the image
    Recognition of locations on the anatomical structure
    Distinguishes between the left and right parts on the anatomical structure
    Recognition of diagnosis on the image
    Defines an expert diagnosis for each image
    Selection of best images
    Selects the best images in the examination
    Returning result
    Transmits the results with the diagnosis and clinical recommendations for treatment


    Working on the project

    • Alexey Razorvin
      CEO, Marketing Expert
    • Elena Lebedinskaya
      Medical Expert
    • Maxim Chistogov
      Data scientist
    • Ilya Perminov
      Director, Business Development, Sales & Marketing
    • Alexander Grigoriev
      Director, Finance & Investor Relations


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